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Restoration Massage for Women

Located in the Knightdale & Wendell Community

Massage Sessions

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My Story

Working as a Certified Nursing Assistant of 5 years, I re-routed my career path from Nursing School to Massage Therapy in 2009, as I became rooted in the idea of providing holistic therapeutic relief. A Cum Laude Graduate of The Medical Arts School of Raleigh N.C, I received 750 hours of extensive teaching and training in: Anatomy and Physiology, Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage, Assessment, Pathology, Reflexology, Trigger Point Release and Head, Face and Neck Treatment.

My mantra has always been with each of my clients: "We will meet the body where it's at"; knowing how important it is to have an understanding of what brings each woman through the door and how we as a team can get you back on a path of restoration.

In Health & Relaxation,
Alaina S. Allen-Weekes
Colossians 3:17


To book your next appointment I can be reached via email or by phone. 


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